SBOOKs - Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh on the 13 November 1850. He studied at Edinburgh University and also qualified as a lawyer. He travelled extensively in Europe and began his writing career during these years. He also met his future wife,

NavTools PIM  v.5 2

Allows you to store and retrieve data on voyages, flights, travel-expanses, workhours, packing lists, personal effects list, and expiry dates of certificates, visa, and other travel documents. Will allow you quick overview of days travelled,


MySpeed Free  v.

Speedometer application to show your current speed, average speed, distance travelled and altitude on one screen. Switch between metric (e.g. km/h) units and imperial (e.g. mph) units. See your route track and top speed on a map. Features included

Fuel Economy Tracker  v.

Use our Fuel Economy Tracker to quickly calculate the fuel economy of your vehicle. Just enter your distance travelled and fuel volume used for instant results. Supports both metric and US imperial calculations. Results shown as; Metric: km/Litre

Mobile Speedo  v.

Mobile Speedo uses your mobile phone's GPS to accurately display your current location, direction and speed. You can also record, share and review this information. Features:- Display current speed, average speed, distance travelled, top speed and

TrafficPal 2012  v.

TrafficPal 2012 is a mango only product that introduces definition of Camera paths where you can build paths of cameras on a frequently travelled path. Also cameras from active path are displayed in secondary tile. TrafficPal gives the user access

Runner's Timer  v.

The Runner's Timer lets you keep track of your run. With it you can track your lap times; distances travelled and record the route you take. Once the run is complete you can e-mail yourself the results to keep a record of your run. Features include:

Excel Mileage Log & Reimbursement Template Software

Create custom mileage logs in MS Excel. Excel 2000 or higher required.

OptiShot  v.

OptiShot is an affordable, accurate and portable home golf simulator.

CycliStats  v.5.2.0002

Are you looking for a software that can help you in analyzing your rides and improve your cycling performance?

Simple GPS  v.

We want simple, but useful. One screen shows speed details and one screen show map location and tracks. *NEW* Map page shows your track, current location and allows for you to add Points of Interest. Speed data includes maximum speed, average

Leisure maps  v.

Maps for walking / cycling / exploring the great outdoors Download gpx or loc files to display routes or points of interest (including geocache locations). Display your position and track showing where you've been using a choice of map suppliers:

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